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LISTEN: Eddie Money wants to punch Kenny Loggins!

LISTEN: Eddie Money wants to punch Kenny Loggins!

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Eddie Money called The KiddChris Show on WEBN in Cincinnati this this week and ... well let's just say he's not Kenny Loggins' biggest fan.

Money went on to speak about how Loggins ripped him off ... and how he wants to punch him! Eddie Money's daughter lost to Kenny Loggins' son on the MTV show "Rock the Cradle," and called Loggins' son a "bum".    

Money says of Loggins, "How smart can a guy be that he divorces his wife and marries his therapist.  Give me a break, will ya."

When he was asked about a possibly Celebrity Boxing match between he and Kenny Loggins, Money stated: "I'll tell you the truth, I’ll knock him out in twenty seconds."

Yikes! Check out the interview below:

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